Edgerton Tobacco Heritage Days

Dear Parade Enthusiast,

Pull together your ideas and plan to participate in this year’s Edgerton Tobacco Heritage Days Parade!   

The parade will begin at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 18, 2021.  The route is unchanged from last year.  Details and directions will be included with the line-up letter.  Line-up letters will be sent out by the second week in July.    

Note: State Representatives, Senators, and other political / elected officials with offices and/or residence other than Edgerton please send check for $75.00 per individual official/politician unit to be in the parade.  There is no fee for other units. 

No candy, objects, water or anything is to be tossed from units.  It’s fine that you hand out candy or other items right to the spectators, but please don’t throw it so that it ends up left in the road.  Help us make the parade safe and enjoyable for everyone!

Please complete the attached contract and return to us by June 10, 2021.  Please be thorough - this information affects the lineup.  We ask that you completely fill in the attached sheet.  All confirmed units will receive a line-up time and number that will be issued by the second week in July.

Note this letter is an invitation to join our parade.   It is not a guaranteed entry.

If you have any questions or comments, please call or email the parade chair:

Shannon Lund (608) 290-6016             

email: smkrk4@gmail.com

Mail completed contracts to: 

Edgerton Tobacco Heritage Days Parade Committee
Shannon Lund

409 Sandalwood Crt

Milton, WI  53558


Edgerton Tobacco Heritage Days
Parade Committee